superfraggles (superfraggles) wrote in vaginapagina,

nuvaring pain and switching to pills

okay so my boyfriend and I had sex for the first time since I began nuvaring (tuesday) and the second he put just a finger in it hurt so we just decided to take it out.  We had sex twice, he did withdraw , but often times it's not perfect.  I think it was out for around two hours; I was really tired so I told him to go to the bathroom, wash it off with cold water, and then he put it back in for me.  It hurts a bit now.  Should I be concerned? Am I lowering the efficacy rate?

*edit* I called up my gyno and asked to switch back to bc pills.  The receptionist is arguing with me that I have to leave it out for an entire cycle before I can start pills.  I maintain that as long as I take the pills for a week straight, I will then be protected.  who is right?
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