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An update....

I posted yesterday about Ovarian Torsion/Cysts and pain. Well, a visit to the nurse practitioner today led to me going to the ER because she was worried the ovary was twisted on itself. Luckily, after some saline/painkiller, an internal exam, and a very nice doctor chatting with me (as my normally low BP was skyhigh, he could pretty much believe that I was in pain), I went for an ultrasound. The ultrasound tech? Also REALLY nice. I guess Friday nights at the ER are a good time? Anyway, right away she found a big cyst on my left ovary, the side where I was having all the pain. It was 5cm across (mind you, my left ovary is already enlarged) and had already leaked some blood into the surrounding tissue.

The radiologist's report said that it could be a hemorrhagic cyst or an endometrioma. What are the differences between those? How long is it likely to take for them to resolve? They gave me some Percocet and told me to follow up with my reproductive endocrinologist (who is managing my newly diagnosed PCOS) - will the cyst be gone by my appointment on next Friday? It's already been 5 days. I normally run 4-5x/week and haven't been able to exercise at all with this. I just want to get back to life without pain!

Well, that was a fun evening! *rolls eyes*

Thanks for the tips, VPers. I knew just what to demand (the ultrasound) thanks to you! I didn't get the run around about constipation/gas pains so many other women have to deal with.
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