Kayla Jay (hey_kayla_jay) wrote in vaginapagina,
Kayla Jay

late period

According to my Period Tracker App (which is usually very accurate and only ever like a day or two off), I am five days late. I have no reason to think I am pregnant since, thanks to this community, I am a lot more aware of my fertility and how my body may or may not react if I were pregnant. I am sexually active but we always use condoms and I don't think we had sex at all the week I was ovulating. 
Usually before my period comes around, my boobs are sore for a week to five days beforehand. They don't look or feel any different than they normally do. I also haven't had anything close to cramp, no bloating, I haven't even been moody (I tend to get really weepy and cry at commercials or pictures of kittens or ridiculous stuff like that the week before my period). I haven't ben under much stress lately (less than usual, actually). I think the only possible contributig factor could be that I lost a little weight recently and haven't been eating like I should be, but that's been going on for a few months.
If I were pregnant, wouldn't I be having those symptoms by now? What else could be keeping my period away?
Not like I miss it or anything.

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