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Since I started having intercourse (a year and a half ago), it's been painful (to the point where I decided to stop any attempts).  I hesitated between thinking it was normal and thinking I had something like vaginismus.  I finally got an appointment with a gyno (I'm in Canada so you need a referal to get one) and she diagnosed me with vestibulodynia.

I'm surprised because I really felt hat I had vaginismus, not vestibulodynia.  (I guess that's why you shouldn't self-diagnose with the internet!)  Vestibulodynia is basically (according to the doctor) a chronic pain syndrome: the nerves on the vestibule (where the vagina meets the vulva) react to touch by feeling pain.  Yet I don't feel pain with fingers or with a menstrual cup, which I feel contradicts the diagnosis. 

I did ask the doctor about vaginismus and she said that was her inital thought as well, but I seemed able to relax my pelvic floor muscles properly and there was no sign of muscle tone (or something). 

I'm also concerned that the pain I felt when she tested me was caused by the weird itching problem I've had lately (I thought it was a yeast infection, but the tests came back negative) instead of being related to the painful intercourse problem.  The itching is a lot more recent than the pain with intercourse.

I'm also somewhat uncomfortable with the treatment she suggested: putting xylocaine/lidocaine cream on the area twice a day (I think) for 3 months.  Xylocaine is numbing cream, the kind dentists use.  I don't understand why I should be taking it on the long term if all it does is temporarly numb the nerves.  There must be some sort of long term effect?    I don't want to permanantly numb my nerves.  I asked and she said there were no side effects I should be looking out for.

I know I should just trust her diagnosis and try the cream, but I feel weird about it. Does anyone have experience with vestibulodynia?  With xylocaine cream?
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