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Ovarian Torsion and cysts?

Well this has been an interesting week. Since Sunday night I have had very intense, pinpoint pain over my left ovary. It has been relatively constant at about 5/10 pain and is worse when I stand up from sitting, stretch, cough, or laugh. It is excruciating (7-8-10 pain) when I have a bowel movement. I can get through it because I know that, well, it will be over when the bowel movement is over. I can also feel (I know this sounds weird, but I can) when bubbles of gas pas through some part in my intenstine that is nearby the ovary. I will feel a gurgle, followed by intense pressure/pain, followed by relative relief of pain.

I have had this pain before, and was told that it is likely related to the PCOS cysts in my left ovary. However, it usually only lasts 2-4hours, then resolves. This has been going on for days now, and ibuprofen doesn't make a difference. Heat helps a little, and lying on my left side seems to help as well. The thing that is really worrying me is that the pain has gone into my left back, just above the pelvis, now as well. I'm a very active, "Walk it off" type, and I can't exercise through this pain. No muscular contraction makes the back pain worse, only holding my breath or bearing down for a bowel movement, etc. Today in one of my graduate courses we learned that ovarian pain refers in a "straight line" through the abdomen to the back. I'm 99% sure that is what is happening.

So my question - how likely is it that this pain is just the cysts in my ovary making angry hormones? The left ovary is about 1.5x the size of the right and has "numerous" PCOS cysts. I would chalk it up to PMS/period woes, but I actually am very irregular and have not been cycling for a while now. When I do have menstrual cramps, they are always more generalized and less pinpoint than this. I am concerned that, given the size/shape of the ovary, it could be ovarian torsion. However, I am not vomiting and have no fever.

Ideas? I have an appointment with my reproductive endocrinologist next Friday, but I don't know if this can wait until then if it is a twisted ovary....
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