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Sensitive cervix?

So, I've been posting in here a lot lately, mostly because I've been more sexually active than I'm used to, so I feel like there's a lot more going on with my girl than what I'm used to. A quick recap/some background information: A few weeks ago, I began having sex with a new partner, and we've been each other's only partners for that time. I've had one sexual partner before him, and he's had 4 or 5 others before me (I can't remember if he said he's had 5 before me, or said that I was his fifth). We gave each other a yeast infection, which lasted about a week for me, and I treated with garlic; seemed to work like a charm (but I have some Monistat on hand in case it resurfaces). :) On last Sunday, I took Plan B (February 27).

That brings me up to now. My cervix seems really sensitive. It's not something I've really experienced before (sometimes when hit at the right angle, it's been painful, but changing positions usually solved the problem; this doesn't seem to be an angle/position problem, since it pretty much hurts no matter what). I guess my question is: is this a likely result of the Plan B (since I know hormone changes can cause your cervix to become more sensitive), my yeast infection, or possible pregnancy? I did some Googling, and it looks like a sensitive cervix could be a symptom of pregnancy, but I'm thinking it's probably just the Plan B messing with my hormones. I'm going to my local clinic tomorrow for some STD testing, just to rule out any of that, and will be taking a home pregnancy test in the next week and a half or so (since my period was supposed to show up on Saturday, and was probably delayed due to the Plan B). Thanks so much, everyone, for any information you can give me. Stay awesome. :)
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