mxmissileproof (mxmissileproof) wrote in vaginapagina,

A Case of the Yeasties

Hello VagPag!

So I have a yeast infection.  5 days ago, I noticed the opening of my vagina was a little bit.. tingly.  4 days ago, when I was staying up all night to finish a midterm, I started to get CRAZY itchy.  3 days ago, it was itchy, red, burning, irritated, and I had some chunks of discharge.  2 days ago, I bought 2% Miconazole Vaginal cream and found acidopholus pills.  Today is my 3rd day using the cream internally and externally, and taking a pill each day.  I guess my vagina is feeling better - it isn't feeling like I have a hot, dry tampon inside anymore, but I am definitely still uncomfortable and have a few bouts of "omg so itchy" every once in a while.  I can't tell how I am on the discharge, since I can't tell what's discharge or what is the cream.  When I go to the bathroom and wipe, I notice a few little spots of blood.  The longest I go without any cream on is after going to the bathroom.. because it starts to hurt and itch so I put more cream on within a few minutes.

I also bought a tub of all natural, plain fat-free yogurt, which I have yet to use.  Should I stick it out and keep using just the cream for 4 more days?  Would it be awful to try to lather some yogurt on for relief?  A side note - I noticed on the nutrition label that the yogurt says it has 15g of sugar.  What!?  I thought sugar was a cause of the yeasties.  Should I not use this yogurt?
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