estrellafugaz85 (estrellafugaz85) wrote in vaginapagina,

Passive smoking and high risk HPV

Just hoping for some advice. I've been having irregular smears and colpos since 2007 and my last two colpos showed high risk HPV. I've always been careful to avoid any of the things known to worsen precancerous cells, in particular, smoking. However, I just spent 5 months doing an internship in Luxembourg, where smoking is permitted in all bars, many cafes and where it's much more socially acceptable to smoke. I tried not to be around smoke, but it was difficult to avoid all social interaction, and I ended up in a bar for a few hours approx once or twice a month. Also, I was living in a residence with other interns, and one incredibly selfish girl insisted on smoking in her bedroom (next to mine) and also in the kitchen from time to time. I would smell cigarette smoke several evenings a week. I tried to avoid the kitchen and keep my bedroom window open when I smelled smoke, but I was surely exposed to it. I've done some research online about how much smoke is enough to be considered passive smoking but there seems to be a lot of debate about it.

My mom thinks I'm being totally paranoid, saying that this was a small amount of smoke and nothing to worry about, but I just feel so, so uneasy. I normally live in a totally tobacco smoke-free environment and the last 5 months were just a miserable nightmare for me. Every time I smelled smoke or went into a bar, I just imagined the cancer developing. I have two months until my next colpo and I'm so worried. I'm beating myself up over the fact I didn't just return home once I realised how prevalent smoking is over there. Is it likely that this amount of exposure could have severely worsened my condition?
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