What a waste of thought (whatweneversaid) wrote in vaginapagina,
What a waste of thought

Yeast infection, first pelvic exam, and trichotillomania

I checked the vulvopedia for information about yeast infections, but I couldn't quite find what I was wondering about.  

I've had what feels like what I would expect from a yeast infection for the past four days or more - intense itching, kind of burning feeling, really dry down there, and strong smell before the itching started, and swollen outer labia (I don't remember what my inner labia normally look like, but those are probably swollen too).  I haven't noticed any of the cottage-cheese discharge people mention - I actually haven't noticed ANY discharge lately, which is abnormal for me.

This would be the first yeast infection I've had as an adult.  I'm planning to go into the health services at my school to get it checked and verified, but I'm a bit nervous to do that.  First, I just got my period finally, although it's really light, and I've heard that getting your period can make a yeast infection go away - would this be a good reason to put off going in to see the doctor?

Second, I'm really nervous to get a pelvic exam because I have trichotillomania, impulsive hair pulling, that ends up leaving bloody scabby marks on the upper part of my mons pubis.  I know it's not healthy, and I've been working on it, but it's an improvement over past psychological self-harm issues.  I'm just nervous about having to explain it to a doctor and get lectured.  I'm also nervous that they're freak out and thin I have a rather severe STI and want to do a ton of tests.  Any advice on how to talk to the doctor about this?
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