may_third (may_third) wrote in vaginapagina,

Piercing+coconut oil?

Hi again Vag Pag!

I came to you all the other day about being walked in on...while the embarrassment has somewhat passed, I still can't believe it happened. But moving on--and mods feel free to delete--I know a lot of people here use coconut oil as moisturizer, lube, etc, but has anyone ever used it while caring for genital/navel/nipple piercings? I'm getting my belly button pierced today and since I know coconut oil has anti-fungal/anti-bacterial properties, I was wondering if it might be ok to use. It's been really good on scars for me in the past and is said to help heal cuts and bruises but I've never really heard any piercing talk with it, just tea tree oil for piercings...My friend is also thinking of getting a genital piercing in the near future so I thought I would ask for them, too. Any thoughts/personal experiences with this? This is my first body piercing besides my earlobes so I'm kind of nervous about the time it will take to heal and infections and stuff...Thanks in advance!
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