Corvidophile (corvidophil3) wrote in vaginapagina,

Still getting painful air bubbles, and questions about mucous

First, the curious question: Where can I find good descriptions, in words or pictures, of the normal variance of mucous? I've been to that one famed and informative page where a woman takes a photo of her cervix every day of her cycle for a month, but my goop isn't like her goop at all. I understand there's gonna be variance, but I've never heard anyone describe what I get.

Basically, for either none or up to six days in the middle of my cycle, I eject up to a third a cup of gunk a day. By "gunk," I don't mean the clear, slippy type of secretion, and I don't mean the mildly stretchy, egg white kind. I mean it's like half-dried rubber cement, and it stretches from my vagina to the surface of the water whenever I pee in a column as thick as a Sharpie marker. (I think the longest I've ever stretched it is one and a half feet, and at that length it was a little thinner than a cheap mechanical pencil) It's almost clear nearly all the time, but sometimes it's lightly amber. When it dries, it's a rich, clear amber. Doesn't hurt, but it's annoying. Very rarely, for a day right before or after the gunky phase, it'll be the consistency of wet boogers, and be white and opaque. Does anyone else get this amount of gunk for this long?

Second, I'm still getting painful bubbles of air inside of me. They come and go, sometimes I'll be fine for a day or two, other times they'll always be there as a presence and sometimes there as a lightly stinging pain- they've gone down in pain significantly since I last posted, though. Now they're just cringe-worthy to a little annoying, before I couldn't bring myself to shift my leg when they were bad. The whole lower vulva is still intermittently tender and painful upon pressure, too, but starting around the urethra on up, I'm fine. It's just around the vagina and the lower half of the inner lips that hurts. Hope this fades away soon.

Also, since a week and a half ago, sometimes I feel like the weight of my inner guts is all resting in my vagina and if I were to stomp up and down I'd prolapse. When I'm experiencing it, the jar from every step I take makes it feel like there's a lead ball inside my vagina about to fall out, and I'm clenching onto it while it bounces. I know this sounds ridiculous, but it's a weird, weird feeling, and I don't know what's causing it. Should I do clenching exercises, could this be the result of weakened/damaged muscles from stretching the tunnel out for the hymenectomy?
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