estrellafugaz85 (estrellafugaz85) wrote in vaginapagina,

Weird periods

For the 3rd or 4th month in a row, my period has started weirdly. I'll get some slight cramping and a little bit of blood/brown sludge and then have up to a whole day or two of nothing until my period starts properly. This month is the worst yet. I expected my period at the end of the week but yesterday morning had some bright red blood. Today I have only a tiny little bit of blood on my pantyliner, but I've been to the toilet several times and had no blood at all come out. Is this at all normal? All the other times in the past few months, my period has started for real after a day or two and been pretty heavy and lasted around 5 days. I'm not on HBC and my last pap showed mild abnormalities. I was told I had polycystic ovaries after an ultrasound last year, but was not diagnosed with PCOS as all the tests were normal and my periods have always been regular. I'm not sure whether this slight bleeding counts as spotting or whether it's just a weird and early beginning to my period, but it's making me nervous. Any help appreciated.
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