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Plan B symptoms vs. PMS symptoms vs. pregnancy symptoms

I read through some of the tags on this, but it wasn't really clear to me what the answer to my question is; sorry if it's already been discussed.

I took a Plan B on Sunday after unprotected sex Saturday night. My period was originally due to start this coming Thursday (March 4). I feel sort of crampy like I might otherwise have even without the Plan B, though my breasts are not sore or tender. Also, I'm feeling sort of really tired today, but that might have more to do with the fact that I got only 7 hours of sleep, as opposed to my normal 10, so. Essentially, I'm experiencing some of my normal PMS symptoms, but not experiencing others. I know this is probably a result of the Plan B and isn't really something to be concerned with, but is it going too far to assume that, due to the proximity of my taking Plan B and the expected start of my period, I might actually still get my period on time? Should I worry if it's a few days late, or is that to be expected? I know Plan B can mess with your cycle, and make things start early or late, but I'm just wondering at what point I should start to worry. Also, does the "19 days after the sex in question" rule still apply regarding a pregnancy test with the Plan B, or should it be if my period doesn't show up a week after I originally expected it?

(sorry for the wonky first post; lj and my computer are in cahoots against me D:)
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