Goat Friends (frolicnaked) wrote in vaginapagina,
Goat Friends

Post-Ablation Cycle 3

It's that time again! Time to measure blood and make MenstroMonster LOLGraphs!

This is officially the point where most of my post-ablation "settling in" should be, well, settled. In other words, while there is a large chance I can expect small changes and a small chance I can still expect large changes, as a general trend, what I've got now is what I'm going to get.

Post-Ablation Cycle 3:

There is a marked decrease in bleeding, even from Post-Ablation Cycle 2 -- which is a significant decrease from my pre-ablation periods. It's still abnormally heavy, and my pain has not lessened, but some improvement on one front is better than no improvement at all.

Cycle 3 Stats:

Days of Bleeding:

Total Blood Flow: 1585mL**

Percent Change from PA Cycle 2: -15.47%

Percent Change from Total Average: -38.45%

Percent Change from Natural Cycles Average: -23.43%

CD 7 Hemoglobin: Didn't go, no plans to go.

I should note that the 1585L figure does not take into account any fluid that was in my Fleurcup when it busted inside my vadge, on account of that sort of thing is difficult to measure. So my numbers, which are estimates to start with as they don't include blood not captured in a cup, may be off by 30mL or so.

Overall, I'm sort of ambivalent about these results. I mean, I am for sure excited by the lessened flow and the apparent downward trend. However, the available literature and professional advice I received suggested that the ablation would reduce my flow considerably more (by now) than it has (so far). It was an easy procedure with no lasting negative side effects for me, so I don't regret getting it. Still and all, I was sort of hoping it would end at least my menorrhagia issues, and I'm bummed that that doesn't appear to be happening.
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