Crysania (crysania4) wrote in vaginapagina,

Is a yeast infection often very painful?

I know there have been a LOT of questions on yeast infections here and I've read through most of them, but none really answered my question. I've only had one yeast infection in my life (a year or so ago) and that time it followed the symptoms to a T and was cleared up pretty easily. It was itchy and uncomfortable but not too horrible. One thing I've not seen noted on the description of symptoms is that my whole clitoris area swelled up.

Well, this time it seems like the same thing, except that the clitoris area is so swollen and hard that it hurts really bad. It doesn't itch; it burns and throbs and sometimes I feel sharp stabbing pains. Everything else seems to point to a yeast infection, but that seems unusual to me.

Is this kind of pain normal?
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