miss_rockstarrr (miss_rockstarrr) wrote in vaginapagina,

Missed period.

I'm a little bit scared. Some of the backstory:
My period was supposed to start last Thursday, but it hasn't come yet. I'm getting a little worried, as it's the 1st of March and therefore I officially skipped February's cycle. I'm sometimes off by a day or two, but never THIS late. Early to mid last week I was under a lot of stress with a couple of things unrelated to my period. So I figured maybe because of my stress, my period delayed a little bit. Then when it was a day late, I got this idea into my head "Ahh, what if I'm pregnant?!", and that's been stressing me out. (I had safe, protected sex near the very beginning of this month. I know accidents happen with condoms though.)
I also have this almost period-like cramping (and have had for the last couple of days), but could that be because I've been kind of gently shaking/poking/tapping/hitting (again, gently) at my lower abdomen in hopes of inducing a period (I know that won't actually induce it, but I try just about everything) even though I wasn't doing it that hard, or is it more likely to be pregnancy? I've heard that some women get period-like cramping when in early stages of pregnancy.

So, long story short, my questions are:
+ What is the best pregnancy test that is inexpensive?
+ Which home pregnancy test is the most accurate?
+ What brand/s do you most trust? (I was sort of thinking this one looked best/easiest, but I don't know what those of you have used it think of it.)
+ Should I take the test on Thursday, when my period is officially a week late?
+ Can I use those "early detection" pregnancy tests even though I won't be using it before my period is supposed to arrive/only a day late?
+ Is there anything else I should know about pregnancy tests before I go purchase one?

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