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first time at the gynecologist - eek!

Hi all! I'm going to the gynecologist for the first time on Wednesday, so as you can imagine I'm pretty nervous. Would love some advice and words of wisdom from all you lovely people!

Any and all information is much appreciated. Especially if you can think of anything I should do beforehand or anything I need to know that I might not know.

What exactly are they going to do? I'm assuming a pelvic exam and a pap smear, but what else are they going to do by default? For background info - I'm 23 (will be 24 just a couple days after!) so I know I'm pretty overdue for this. I've had no PIV sex but have had manual/oral/genital-to-genital contact with no penetration. My periods are (and have always been) pretty irregular. Also I'm fairly certain I had an ovarian cyst rupture a couple months back. I'm basically just going for a standard checkup, although I am hoping to get a prescription for HBC too.

What things (if anything) are included in the cost of the appointment and what (if anything) would be an additional charge?

Am I right in assuming they'll want to do a pregnancy test? There's pretty much zero chance I could be pregnant, but obviously they don't really know what my idea of careful is. And it's been 48 days since my last period started, so if I make it to this appointment that will mean I'll be on day 50 at that point. Which really isn't all that unusual for me - my average is apparently 36 days but I'm so all over the place that the average doesn't mean much. My last few have been 46, 23, 37, and 46 days in that order. But I'm still thinking they're going to be like "50 day? Yeah, you are peeing on a stick for sure." Is a pregnancy test something that's going to be an individual charge?

I'm on my parents' health insurance so...are they going to get an itemized report of every procedure that's done? Or an itemized bill for stuff that isn't covered by insurance? And...does anyone have any clue what's likely to be covered by insurance and what's not?

Basically I'm worried that despite the lack of PIV there's going to be something "extra" that they want to do for anyone who's sexually active and that will then show up on the bill or something. I know at my age I shouldn't be worrying so much about my parents, but...yeah. I just don't want the bill or information from the insurance or anything to end up like..."well, they wouldn't have done this if you weren't having sex, so you therefore must be having sex!" Plus I'm broke so whatever isn't covered by insurance my parents will probably be paying, so I'll also feel bad if they do something and then I find out later it was an individual charge and not covered by insurance - especially if it's something I end up feeling like I should have declined if it's going to cost.

Also, are they going to hand me forms to fill out when I get there, and if so are the forms going to ask for personal information - like whether I'm sexually active? My mother is going to come with me so I don't have to worry about finding the place or sorting out the insurance or anything like that, but I'm slightly worried about potential forms I'm supposed to fill out while I'm waiting. Honestly, if it asks if I'm sexually active I'm gonna answer no and explain the details once I get in the room, so it's not a huge issue. But there could be other potential form-questions I'm not thinking of, plus it would just be nice to know what to expect.

I know a lot of that probably differs from place to place, doctor to doctor, etc. - but anyone's experience or guesses will be helpful. If it helps, I'm in the US - New York, to be specific.

I think that's all of my specific questions. Sorry - I know that was sort of a jumbled mess of questions. Really, I'm SUPER appreciative for any info or advice anyone can share, whether it's related to any of those questions or not. Anything you can tell me that will help me be prepared for and know what to expect from my first gyno visit would be GREAT! As the day gets closer I'm just getting so nervous even though I know it's not a huge deal. So I know the more information I have and the more I know what to expect, the calmer I'll be.

Thanks so much in advance! If there's any background info or anything I forgot to mention that might be a factor, please feel free to ask!
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