justforapicture (justforapicture) wrote in vaginapagina,

Bruise ? Breast pain

Hey all. I'm 20 years old and never had much of breast issues before, other than being confused as to why they're a bit lumpy, but soemone explained to me that they are still developing and that's why they're sorta...bumpyish.
Anyway, I've been having a bruised kind of feeling when i press on a certain part of my right breast. It is towards my "cleavage" line, on the inside. I don't press too hard, and it's not sharp pains, but more like a bruise. I vaguely remember hurting it somehow a few months ago, and this pain has been going on for quite a bit.
All I can think of is BREAST CANCER AT 20. so if anyone could help me out i'd appreciate it!
I went to the gyno today and forgot to ask, so I can't go right back to the doctor :/.

Maybe I'm just a slow healer? I do bruise easily. I also have Van Willebrand disease. Not sure if this helps any, but just lettin' you know.

There's also no other abnormalities (no bruised color, no nipple discharge, no immovable lumps)
Help please!! 
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