This is just a passing feeling (clementine_fell) wrote in vaginapagina,
This is just a passing feeling

problems with BV and yeast?

After several months of a BV/yeast free existence, I've seemed to have developed another reoccurring case of it.If anyone has some suggestions on how to combat this, I'd love some suggestions. I'm going back to the health clinic tomorrow but I believe I may have developed another yeast infection after recently being treated for one.

I originally received treatment for BV and yeast from my college health center on 2/08. I was given a week's worth of metronidazole and two doses of diflucan. I completed the BV medication on 2/14. I took my first dose of the yeast medication on 2/9 and my last dose on 2/13. Currently, I try to take a probiotic everyday as well.

On 2/17 my symptoms still seemed to be present but I tested negative for BV and yeast. I was also tested for HIV, Gonorrhea, and Chlamydia -- all negative.

I've just finished my menstrual cycle. That ended around 2/23 and at that time everything seemed to have cleared up completely. My discharge was back to normal for me (clear). That day I had intercourse with a condom and the day after that my symptoms returned. Normally I clean up after sex (pee and shower) but that day I waited a bit longer than usual - I showered maybe three hours later. Could that have caused the yeast again? I use a glycerin free lube and normally I wash up sooner. The sex was painless and I didn't have any unusual discharge that day.

I've also recently switched my birth control to see if that would help from the nuvaring to Junel. So far it's too early to tell but I had a feeling that the nuvaring may have made my BV/yeast outbreak worse in my case.

Now though it seems like I'm getting another yeast infection. I'm not sure that I'd describe it as full blown yet but the discharge is definitely similar (white with a strange texture - I'm not sure that I'd describe it as chunky but it's thick and almost dry?)

I've been experiencing problems with BV and yeast on and off for the last 5 months. This is what I've been trying to do during this time to mitigate the situation:
+ Never douched
+ usually clean up well after sex (shower and urination)
+ never use soap or shaving cream or any other feminine products
+ I haven't switched my laundry soap recently
+ have always used glyercin free lube
+ never wear g-strings and I try to wear cotton undergarments
+ have been using probiotics on and off for last 2 months
+ switch away from nuvaring this month
+ during this time I have not changed sexual partners. when we go condomless he doesn't ejaculate in me and when he has I have not had any issues.

Is there anything else I'm missing? I will be going to the clinic tomorrow to be retested to make absolutely certain but I'd appreciate any feedback.
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