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Bacterial Vaginosis

Hi all!

I've joined this community because I've had such an on/off relationship with my vag over the last year and a half, I may as well hang with some women who may have had the same.

Back story: I was diagnosed with BV in Aug 2009. And it's been HELL ever since. I've been on Metro gel more times then I can count, Flagyl once or twice, I've spent money buying the ebooks on how to cure it naturally, ordered so many probiotic inserts and supplements to boost my immune system, used hydrogen peroxide douches, spent far too much $$ on Rephresh to see me through etc. It finally got to the point where I would be getting a bout with it after every stinkin period. I had been led to believe that whole time that it was the infection itself changing the pH and that *I* was doing something wrong dietary-wise etc, when my most recent visit to the doc helped me to see that the bacteria can grow FROM an imbalanced pH level.

This doc visit was very intimate; I actually cried out of frustration. I was so sick of feeling dirty, embarrassed and "sick" all the time, especially when I'm now with who I would consider to be the love of my life. And my doc's response?? "Oh that's easy, we'll take care of it!".

I am almost 41 yrs old, and she states it's hormonal. That it is nothing I'm doing wrong (and another reason why I deal with UTIs too) but it's something I'll just have to "maintain". She gave me yet another Rx for Metrogel used twice a day to completely knock the Gardnerella bacteria out, and I've started on a Boric Acid regime that I will be on until some hormonal changes occur (which could be yrs, of course). The Boric Acid will change the environment to where the bacteria cannot take hold and grow.

I will be inserting Boric Acid capsules twice a week (and I've went so far as to buy the supplies to make my own). If this keeps things in check, Hallelujah. I can handle it. I just want a healthy, clean vagina again dammit.

But I do have one question. I know Boric Acid is ok inserted vaginally, but it's poison if ingested. What do I do about oral sex with my love? Do I need to be concerned that I'll kill my boyfriend accidentally? Ha...I know many women use this so I'm assuming things will be ok?
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