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Mysterious case of the itchies :|

I never thought I'd be posting this -- I've never been prone to any vaginal/bladder issues, but, I guess there's a first time for everything.

Anyway, I'm wondering if you guys can help me out here. I've recently become sexually active with a new partner after a bit of a dry spell with my now ex. He mentioned to me one night in passing that he'd been feeling a little itchy around his nether regions, which I thought was strange, since I know I don't have any STIs that I could have passed on to him, and he had told me he hadn't had sex in about 8 months, and hadn't mentioned any possibility of having any STIs himself (though, I guess everyone lies, but I trust him well enough). I assured him that I couldn't explain why, that I didn't think it was necessarily from me, and told him I could get tested if it would put his mind at ease. He said it wasn't necessary, and then kind of waved the issue away. So I hadn't really thought much about it until about three days ago when I started feeling a little itchy myself. Still, I tried to ignore it, because I'd recently shaved, and thought it had more to do with being agitated as I was having more sex than I had been when I was with my ex; I assumed the itchy was just my vagina adjusting to all the attention.

The more I thought about it though, the more I wondered if I didn't have a yeast infection. I did some Googling, but that didn't really help. The only symptom I had/have was itching (though I had some minimal discharge that looked sort of like cottage cheese, but it was such a small amount, and I thought it was more due to the fact that I had recently shaved (I went/am going bald experimentally ^^;)). It didn't smell, and I have no burning or painful sensations. Since that one time, I haven't noticed any strange discharge either.

But now, maybe starting since yesterday, I'm noticing a slightly more compelling urge to pee. It's not like "Omg, you need to pee now or there will be consequences," but it does feel slightly more than usual. It's like, almost immediately after peeing, if I relax all my muscles in my lower abdomen, I feel the sensation of having to pee again. I did some more Googling, and the almighty internet tells me that UTIs are pretty common and most will resolve themselves in a few days, but I also know that if left to their own devices, UTIs can get vicious and send you to the ER. I do still have some itching, but it's mostly around my vulva where hair is growing back (I think stubble and sexual activity sort of irritated things more), but now that I've had a shower, and gotten rid of stubble, it actually feels much better down there, but with some itching if my underwear/pants rub me down there. I still feel like I have to pee a little bit though, so I'm not sure.

I know it's all sort of vague, and I should probably just go talk to my doctor, but the thing is that I'm really short on cash, and even with my health insurance, I'm not sure I could afford the copay. I mean, if it turns out that these are symptoms that I really, really need to have to my doctor look at, then I'll make an appointment, but if there are some cheaper home remedies I can try, I'd prefer to do those. :x

(Also, on a completely unrelated note, I've been wanting to tag my entries, but I don't seem to have access to them for some strange reason. :/)
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