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Painful Periods after age 50

Hi, long time reader, occasional commenter, here with a question for my Mom.

A few years ago she was taken off birth control pills (Ortho Tri-Cyclen, which she had been on since I was born 26 years ago, so about 24 years of use, no issues) because doctors believed that they were aggravating her migraines. However; my mother hasn't had pain from a migraine in about 10 years, but she had been having a painful, heavy head, vertigo and dizziness for a couple of years, several times a month. After months of testing a neurologist figured out she was experiencing migraines without headaches, and recommended she stop the pill. So she did.

My mother is finding her periods are getting extremely painful, and she's bleeding a lot. She doesn't know what to do, as she believes the doctors won't put her back on the pill (even though she has moved and has different doctors). She is considering the essure method and an ablation as her sister has had it done, and she just wants relief. Though she is willing to consider other options, and I told her I'd look into things for her, as her life is quite busy and she doesn't use the internet.

For more background information, she is 51, very active (military PT and an avid runner), has a heart murmur (doctors monitor it), suffers from the aforementioned migraines without headache, and just after I was born had pre-cancerous cells on her cervix but has had normal paps for the past 10 years or so. The doctors also don't expect her to go into menopause anytime soon.

What may make her search for answers harder is the fact that she is military and is expected to see military doctor (and I know she won't go outside of the military system anyways), so the more information she has the better they'll be able to direct her care (they tend to be a wham, bam, over here for more tests, more tests, more tests, kind of organization. Took them a year and a half, and moving to a different country to recognize that she had a fractured spine from a car accident).

TLDR: any help for 51 year old woman with painful/heavy periods, who has been taken on BC pills?
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