jen (irradient) wrote in vaginapagina,

Early Period, What To do?

Hi everyone, I have a question that I tried to look up in the memories and didn't find an answer for. So I'm relatively new to hormonal birth control (I've been taking it since November), I'm taking sprintec (it's the generic for Ortho-Cyclen, I think, it's monophasic). My question is this - I'm really bad at taking the pills on time which usually doesn't matter because I don't have to worry about getting pregnant. However, a few days ago, I accidentally skipped two and didn't "make them up" because I've gotten nauseated before when I did that. Now it seems I have started my period a week's like full on period, but I guess it could be "breakthrough bleeding" (I have no experience with that). I've only ever had about one early period ever and it was a day or two. Is it safe to assume it's because I forgot my pills?

Anyway, I'm wondering what I should do about the rest of the pills...I'm about to start my third week of them. Should I go into placebo pills to just get my period out of the way? (Will this even work?) Or should I continue with the regular pills and take placebo next week? I really don't want to get two periods if I can avoid it!
(Lesson learned re: being more careful about taking pills accurately!)
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