Amber Pye (themagpye) wrote in vaginapagina,
Amber Pye

Itchy/Swollen/Dry Vagina

I am very uncomfortable right now =(

This past year I've had my first UTI and bacterial infections ever. They took a few months each to get diagnosed and treated because I had no idea what was going on. Here are some facts for this bout of... Whatever it is.

1. My inner labia and vaginal area are swollen, itchy, dry, and sensitive to touch. It feels a lot like rugburn. I want to scratch, but it hurts so much to do so. It's starting to spread to my clitoral/perianal regions. It's not in the interior of the vagina. I've poked it a lot trying to figure this out, and I know that doesn't hurt. There's no smell or discharge at all, my vagina doesn't even seem to be self-lubricating or cleaning, which it is fond of doing.

2. This has been going on for about 4 days that I can recall, it may be longer that I just experienced a small itch. About one and a half weeks before anything started I had sex with my boyfriend, so I don't think it's sexual activity that started anything, and I can't think of anything that would cause it. My birth control active pills end after tomorrow, my period should start three days after that. I've never had this issue ongoing before, though I have had similar itchy-vagina episodes in the past, they're gone in a few hours.

3. I avoid washing my vagina directly and don't use fragranced soaps to do it. I also wear cotton undies and pants rather than tight jeans. I eat a balanced diet and try to avoid processed foods because they upset my stomach. I also just got into a hot bath and it went away almost instantaneously, which is a bit alarming.

What could this be? I just want my good vagina back =( It used to behave so nicely, and now it's acting up all the time.
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