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So my pap came back irregular and they said they found atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance on my cervix. However I was negative for HPV. So hopefully I won't die anytime soon, but I don't know what is wrong with me. I didn't have a period from July 12 until about mid October. My gyno tends to shrug this off as I am just fat. When I told her that I have literally been the SAME size and weight since I was thirteen she said "well five pounds can make all the difference." Once before when I didn't have a period for about 4 months I went and had my pap done, and was basically told the same thing, the part about being fat, but that time my pap came out negative or regular or whatever I guess. My periods have previously been very regular, on around a thirty-two day cycle. I shrugged the first time off as stress, since I was in my freshman year of college and had a high workload and such. The fact that it has happened again has me concerned. My gyno just said to be sure I come back in a year's time for another pap.

And I go to the health dept, which means I get a different person every time I go.

I am not on any form of birth control.

On another note, for the past four days or so my genitals have been really acting strange. My labia are all puffy and swollen and I have been producing a LOT of clear discharge, almost like I am in a constant state of arousal. However, I have not masturbated or had sex, and have not been feeling particularly aroused or anything of the kind. I am not sure what is going on, but it involves me having to change underwear a few times a day.

EDIT: I have woken up this morning with a rash over my entire vulva, not so much visible bumps, but you can feel them when you touch. It. Itches. SO. Bad.
I haven't recently switched laundry detergent or soap or anything so I have no idea what is causing this or if it is related to the previous problem of swelling and wetness (which is still there).

Does anyone have any idea what could be up with me?
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