starry3yedgrl (starry3yedgrl) wrote in vaginapagina,

PCOS and male doctor

This is a two parter.....first, my doctor was looking over my chart a few weeks ago and asked if I have PCOS.  I said no as no doctor has ever mentioned it before.  He said the fact that I am a bit overweight (ugh, I had lost weight last year and it crept back) and the fact that I have hypothyroid made him suspect it.  He took some blood and it came back that I have elevated insulin levels which I guess strengthed his suspicions.  I am going this weekend for a trans vaginal ultrasound which I guess will make the final diagnosis, and I am pretty sure I have it since I recall in the past that ultrasounds have revealed cysts (though they weren't looking for that at the time).

I've done some reading on it and asked him some questions, but hearing from people that have it would be helpful.  What has been your experience?  From what I read it said while some women experience certain symptoms and others don't, ALL women with PCOS have irregular periods.  I have had irregular ones, but last year when I had lost 50 pounds my period was like clockwork, to the exact day.  Also, I've always thought women with PCOS had a hard time losing weight.  When I stick to eating right and exercising I lost weight fairly consistently, it's just that I've been lazy and eating bad recently.  One last husband and I want to start trying for a baby in April, how much more difficult does PCOS make getting pregnant?  Why exactly does it make it hard?

Second question....I've been to a male doctor before, in fact my regular gyno is male, but he's older so I feel totally comfortable going to him but I try not to since my co-pay with him is twice as much as my family doctor.  For years I've been seeing my female family doctor for pap's, and I like her and all but sometimes she seems to gloss over things.  I saw another doctor while she was on maternity for unrelated reasons (the doc that suspects the PCOS) and I really like him.  He is very thorough and I feel like he catches things that she might not.  The problem, he's younger and kinda cute so I am a little bit embarrassed to go to him for my pap.  Ridiculous right?  I should go to the doctor that will help me the best, I know this.  But I'm always soooo nervous going to the gyno anyway so I can only imagine how nervous I'll be seeing him.  Anyone else go to an attractive male doctor for gyno issues?
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