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A question about ovulation/pregnancy

I know that ovulation refers to the moment an egg is released from the follicle and into the fallopian tube, but I was alway curious about how long that egg hangs around in the fallopian tube before it gets to the uterus (whether fertilized or not). I guess I'm just confused, because I didn't think it took that long (maybe a few days? I haven't been in a health class in many, many years ^^;), but I've heard that, on a regular 28-day cycle, it's the least safe to have unprotected sex during or right after your period.

I guess, the reason I'm asking is for this reason: I had unprotected sex last night, and while he didn't ejaculate inside me, he was still very concerned about precum. I tried explaining that precum has very low potential for causing pregnancy (though obviously it could potentially cause pregnancy), and that I didn't think I was in a spot in my cycle to really be concerned. I have a regular 28-day cycle (sometimes 29), and I'm due to have my next period on March 4 (my last period was on February 5. So, superstars, help me understand this better? Should I be concerned about pregnancy? I really don't want to take a Plan B, as one, I can't really afford it (though I can afford an unplanned pregnancy even less, I suppose), and I feel it somewhat violates my moral principles. :x
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