Saráh (whimaway) wrote in vaginapagina,

Looong period on nuvaring

Hello all! So I started using the nuva ring on the 14th and that was the first day of my period. And it still hasn't stopped! That's nine days, and my periods are usually five tops. I know it's not a HUGE difference, but it's kind of annoying. I'm getting a light amount of brown blood every day, but not a discharge, enough so I have to wear a pantiliner. Do you think this is because of the hormones? Also is there a way to hurry a period along? I'd like to be bloodless by the end of this week because I'm going home for spring break and I'm gonna see my SO.

EDIT: Since I'm not getting cramps anymore, and it's probably breakthrough bleeding, will traditional remedies like exercise and orgasms (though I'm pretty bad at doing that myself) work?
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