Johnny Grey (six_dollar_baby) wrote in vaginapagina,
Johnny Grey

LoEstrin 24 FE and Essure

Hello all,
Today i spoke with my doctor about getting the Essure procedure. She wants me to take LoEstrin 24 FE for the three months before the procedure is done, to thin out my uterine lining. How important is taking these pills? I have been on hormonal birth control before and hated it. I am also 30 and a smoker, so I am very very leery of HBC. Is there any way I can not take HBC before this procedure is done?

Also: The doctor is running a genetics test, as my mother and two of her sisters have had ovarian cancer. She says if the risk is high enough, they may "simply" remove my ovaries. As I understand it, this would cause menopause. Any advice? Experiences?

Thank you.
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