puppetair (puppetair) wrote in vaginapagina,

surgery and bump.


thing 1: i found a bump on my vag. i'm not sexually active, and its not filled with pus or anything because i cut into it with a sterilized scalpel. got nothing but blood. it doesn't hurt at all but since i opened it, it actually looks smaller. (i am well aware its not a good idea to just cut into things but i panicked a bit when i found it)
i do shave so maybe it can still be an ingrown hair, but i haven't for maybe about two-three weeks and i just noticed it a few days ago. what can it be?
pictures of the bump under the cut, NSFW.

thing 2: i'm pretty 'lippy' and its really uncomfortable. not finding it attractive is one thing but a lot of the times my underwear/pants/whatever rubs against my labia so much it chafes and gets raw. in the summer it just feels really, really gross down there. it can be very uncomfortable to find a good sitting position too because sometimes it just starts to itch because of the position and repositioning it is soo.. annoying.
i've considered surgery but whats a estimate that it will run me and will i loose a lot of sensation? i don't feel the need to loose all of it, just enough to make me comfortable. my masturbation is really non- penetrative and besides from these problems, i like having it. i am also plan on starting testosterone eventually and am not sure how this is going to effect everything just yet.

it was red when i took these photos because i spent like an hour trying to 'pop' it and figure out wtf it was.

is there a way i can also lighten the area up? thats purely comestic.. i scrub, and i scrub, and i change underwear and such often but its just so awkward that everything is this color. im super pale everything until you get to my crotch.

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