you shall above all things be glad and young (plantinglilacs) wrote in vaginapagina,
you shall above all things be glad and young


Hi community,
I have a question regarding period length. Ever since I began menstruating, about nine years ago, my periods have been about 30 days apart, really never going below 27 or 28 and never above around 33.
Last month my period came in 25 days. I chalked this up to normal variability even though it was shorter than I had really ever experienced. But then, I got my period today, and it's only 21 days after my last one (since my period lasts around seven days, I've only had 14 days of period free life, ahhh!)

I'm wondering what could have caused this. Twenty one days seems extremely short... I must have ovulated literally right after my last period ended. I'm wondering if it's cause for concern at all. (not necessarily the short length, but the length coupled with the sudden change)

A little background: 22 years old, cis gendered, only ever been sexually active with STD free females. Don't take birth control and have been on no new medications. Not a particularly stressful time in my life either.


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