begforsummer (begforsummer) wrote in vaginapagina,

abnormal pap?

I went for my annual exam a few weeks ago and the secretary at the doctor's office just called me to let me know that my pap results were abnormal... but that the HPV test they ran came back negative, and that I didn't need to be seen again until next year. I felt like she really rushed me off the phone when I tried to ask more about it, since I've never had an abnormal result before. She just said that a lot of things can cause this result, including sex, douching, etc. recently, none of which I have done. Or that it could be a little bit of a yeast infection. I did just within the last month stop taking HBC... could that possibly throw the results off? I wish she would have explained things to me a little more, besides just telling me not to be worried, but I'm wondering how common this kind of result is. Should I be concerned? Thanks!
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