panseared (panseared) wrote in vaginapagina,

uti? yeast infection? something else?

Last week I had some discomfort (itching, redness, general soreness) around my vaginal opening, I rinsed with diluted apple cider vinegar a few times and it cleared up within a couple days. During the week following my boyfriend and I had sex two different days (we don't use condoms, but we have both been tested and are in an exclusive relationship, I use the nuvaring for bc) and afterward, despite my better judgment I didn't pee.

I started to feel some discomfort on my vulva the next day, around the urethra and I was thinking it was the same thing i'd been dealing with a couple days before. As my discomfort worsened I noticed that the skin on my vulva was beginning to appear cracked and raw, but with no other symptoms, no discharge (though I am on my period), no fever, no abdominal pain. I do experience a burning sensation when I pee but i think it's because one of the cracks on my vulva is right in the, er, line of fire. Drinking a ton of water seems to lessen this.

What is happening to my lady parts? I have seen no signs of std on my boyfriend. The cracks on my vulva look like cracks or raw spots, they were never blistered or raised. Is this a possible side effect of a yeast infection? Maybe a UTI from not peeing after sex? I would love to go to the doctor- but they can't see me this week. Help?
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