luluah (luluah) wrote in vaginapagina,

Jack Rabbit Blues...

Hello, ladies! So recently I've ventured into the land of misfit and naughty toys, but it doesn't seem my boyfriend is *too* happy about it....

Recently, my BF and I started watching porn together to try and spice up the bedroom, and it worked wonders! There's only one downside: I want more sex all the time but he's an every other/every 2 days sort of guy. I mentioned to him that if he gets to watch porn, then I get a toy to play with when he's not in the mood. So, we got a jack rabbit. Before I get into the rest of the story I want to mention to you ladies that I have never had a dildo and he's the first male partner that I have ever been with. My sexual experiences have all been clit-centric because I can't feel much of anything in my vagina. Everytime I've gotten off with him is with me stimulating my clitoris while he's inside me (and we've been having sex for almost 9 years now). We purchased the toy the other night and we've used it twice since then (together) and me alone once. The clitoral stimulation with the bunny ears is the bomb but I don't feel much with the rotating pearls. Now, here's the problem - he feels like he cannot compete with the toy and that I get more enjoyment out of it then I ever did with him... and I do. He's got a lower back problem that limits his thrusting to almost nil and the positions we can do are very limited. So, here are my questions: are there tiny vibrating toys I can encircle 'round my clitoris while we're engaging in PIV intercourse? He refuses to wear a cock ring or anything like one because he's a little weary of them (also, I cannot use condoms because I get mad yeast infections,no matter the brand). Or better yet, is there a way I can make myself more sensitive "down there" so I won't have to resort to diddling the skittle? Thanks, ladies!
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