imuhstarr (imuhstarr) wrote in vaginapagina,

hbc and antibiotics -awkward timing, a bit confused

 hello all!

so I have a wonderfully infected toe (yum) and I got some antibiotics last saturday.
it's a ten day cycle of apo-cephalex (500mg) cephalexin (and I'm on alesse if that matters)
and the wednesday before I got the antibiotics I ended my pack (on to my placebos), had my withdrawal bleed, yadda yadda
I started my new pack just this past thursday, 

I've searched through entries and tags, etc, and people were mentioning something about starting a new pack then being covered. since mine's kinda inbetween I'm just a bit confused 

I also gathered that antibiotics don't completely completely mess up hbc in most cases, but the doctor told me to use extra protection during (check!) and for THIRTY DAYS (!!) after. I don't know if I misheard her or not, but that sounds a bit much! any thoughts?

I mean obviously if I have to or if it's wise to use backup for a month after I will, but I just started having sex (oh, did I mention that? woo hoo!) and I'd really like to enjoy the spontaneity of not having to worry about condoms all the time.

thank you thank you! you're all so wonderful
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