Corvidophile (corvidophil3) wrote in vaginapagina,

Hormonal birth control and the BRCA gene's mutation

What significance does taking hormonal birth control, or female hormones for the purpose of bodily transformation, too, have on the risk of developing various feminine cancers in general, and specifically, within individuals who already are at high genetic risk of developing them?

I've always gotten wishy-washy answers on this from various doctors, I don't think it comes up pretty often. But, seeing as I very likely have the Jewish BRCA2 mutation (My grandmother's sister was tested positive for this, and my maternal family all the way up to my mother is rank with feminine tumours, both benign and malignant) and I don't want to have children, I want to know if taking anything hormonal is dumb. I don't want to take anything hormonal anyway, because I'm a little on the androgynous side, and very comfortable with being so. (IE, I don't want to grow boobs and hips!) So I'm mostly just pondering this out of interest, and figured other people who are more interested in HBC might benefit from discussing it, too.
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