roseprintglass (roseprintglass) wrote in vaginapagina,

sub-dermal yeast infection??

 Hello everyone. I have been having a vaginal debacle since november, and have gone through many inaccurate diagnoses ranging from bacterial vaginosis to herpes, to possible vulvodynia. My symptoms initially presented as itching, burning, and swelling directly after my period finished, and so thinking it was a yeast infection I self treated with a one day treatment first, then a three day monistat when that didn't work. Since then I've been on metronidazole, acyclovir, and metronidazole again for a uti. I think that my body is seriously messed up from all these antibiotics that I have taken, and the gyno I have seen agrees. She prescribed estrace vaginal cream for the continued pain that I was feeling, both externally and internally, specifically on the left side of the vaginal entrance. This has not really helped very much...

Which brings me to my question: When I was (mis)diagnosed with herpes I had a small lesion/sore on the left side of my vaginal entrance. My symptoms had originally presented like what I have personally experienced a yeast infection to be like. I attempted sex a few times during the initial infection phase when the pain was strongest, and I am wondering if somehow the infection could have gotten under the skin at that time, if I did indeed create some kind of wound. When I had my first pelvic exam I had already self treated for a yeast infection, and I'm wondering if that's why it didn't show up on a culture. I've been reading up some on vulvodynia, and it just doesn't sound right for what I've been experiencing. 

This has been a very depressing experience for me. I finally found a doctor who I feel actually listens to me, but he's at a walk in clinic, and it took me like five different times to get to him in the first place. I told him about wondering if the yeast got under the skin, and he said that was a possibility and so gave me some diflucan to see if we could knock it out. Emotionally I just feel worn out. I am just so scared that I'm going to take yet another pill that isn't going to help me, and meanwhile I'll be miserable and itchy and in pain whenever my vagina is touched. At this point the pain is not super super bad, but it's enough to make penetrative sex to be pretty much be off the menu, which my boyfriend is totally fine with (he stated he actually finds oral more pleasurable), but damnnit I want to have PIV sex. He might be ok with it, but I'm not :(. I'm sad. Very sad indeed, and wondering if anyone else has gone through this...I've seen lots of folks posting here about yeast infections, but I haven't yet seen something like what I've described, this "sub dermal" yeast infection, if you will. 

Anyway, pardon the novel, and if anyone needs clarification on anything I'll be happy to give it. I'm very exhausted physically/emotionally at the moment, so I do apologize if I've left anything out or have been confusing. 
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