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HBC- Side effects and storage.

I've recently started Hormonal Birth Control, have been on for 11 days and am using the brand Ovranette.

Just a couple real small questions:
I was told, and have read up on both the given sheet and some 'net searches on various side effects but can't get much agreed information on a certain one. Basically, is it normal to have very light occasional second-long pains in lower abdomen? It doesn't seem to be one one side, it goes where it wants. It's not an inconvenience but I worry it may be a sign that the pills havn't worked with me.

Secondly on storage. The packaging recommends room temperature, but how much extra heat will be damaging? I may find it easier to store my pills near the laptop on the same desk, albeit not behind the machine, and am concerned about the slight extra heat provided by the main fan, for example.
In addition, I have an electric heater that is turned on briefly when needed, will the added dry heat also be a problem, or am I just starting to worry over little inconsequential things a wee bit too much?

Editted second paragraph for clarity as well as to make question less specific and more open-to-discussion/people browsing with similar thoughts, etc.
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