meowhimeow (meowhimeow) wrote in vaginapagina,

Do I still take my birth control?

 About a week and a half ago, well, at the end of last months birth control..I got my period. Except, I only bled for about 2 days and it wasn't even enough to fill up a tampon.

Now all of a sudden today, i'm starting to bleed. But, i'm not bleeding bleeding. When I wipe, or in my's that icky brown left over blood stuff.

My period used to skip around a bit, but i've never gotten it, but had it be that light, and then gotten it 2 weeks later.

My question is, is this normal? and if I do end up getting my period, do i still continue to take my birth control every night?
I've been worried that I was pregnant, esp cause of the very light period, now i'm confused.

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