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Saheli...anyonne tried it?


Ok,just found out about this while browsing this morning and am a bit excited about a non-steroidal,non-hormonal BC pill.I was thinking of using this in conjunction with tracking my temp every morning and cervical fluid for even better contraception.

Just wondering if anyone has/is using this and what have your experience been on it?

Thanks heaps for your time ;)

*Edited to add*-For those interested,I did try Saheli and I can't say the results were all that good.I suffered some pretty crippling cramps each day after taking a pill and a weird heavy sensation in my uterus that I was starting to think were uterine fibroids.
After stopping Saheli all symptoms disappeared,so I am inclined to think it was the saheli.
I also have terrible trouble on every HBC I have so far tried so could just be my bodys' mechanics..but yeah,a no go for me.
Shame beacuse I have got about 3 years worth now sitting in my cupboard going to waste :(
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