littletuxedomen (littletuxedomen) wrote in vaginapagina,

ovulation or not?

dear VP-ers,

i have a question that i hope you guys can help me with!

About 10-12 days ago I had all my usual tell-tale symptoms of ovulation: lots and lots of globby egg-white mucus, right bang about 14-16 days when i'm due to start my period... so i thought okay i ovulated and that's that, no surprises there. after those 2-3 days of fertile egg white mucus my discharge decreased a lot, as it usually does, and everything become kinda dry down there. again, no surprises.

but the last 2 days i have suddenly been getting LOTS of watery discharge. i could literally feel it gush into my pants >< and today morning i had a twinging pain for about half an hour on where i think my right ovary is.... both of which are strangely symptoms of ovulation! (i've had the twinging pain during other cycles when i'm ovulating as well, and the copious amounts of discharge except now it's way more watery). and now my boobs are sore.

my period is due in about a week's time, so... do you guys have any clue what's going on? can a double ovulation be possible?? or does the second one not sound like ovulation at all....

thanks in advance for the help :)
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