antistatic_86 (antistatic_86) wrote in vaginapagina,

POPs and Periods!

Alright, I need some mini-pill guidance. I've done a fair bit of googling and searching and, maybe through my own fault, couldn't find the answer.

My boyfriend is currently studying abroad. He's been gone 5 months. I haven't been on HBC in the intervening time because, well, I was on combined pills for 3 years and now I'm done with them for various reasons. I'm going to visit him February 24th - March 8th. I planned the dates of the visit according to the schedule my period had been following faithfully since I went off the pill just before he left. And then last cycle, it delayed itself for 3 weeks, and now I'm expecting to be on my period while I'm there. This is a "do not want" kind of situation. As a second aspect, I'm scheduled for an IUD insertion (Paragard) on March 12th. I just had the consultation today, and the doctor gave me a hold-over pack of POP pills for the time I'll be visiting, and therefore briefly sexually active. She also said it's usually more tolerable to insert an IUD while on your period, which I'd read and heard before.

All of this being said, what I'd really like to do is delay my expected period with the POP pills both for period-free sexing and to start a period for the IUD insertion. Is that even possible? Would a POP be able to work like that? From what I've read, they have totally different operating mechanisms than combined pills.

I really wish I'd gotten a combined pill. The side effects wouldn't have built up enough to be awful in just one pack, and I would know exactly how to do this, no problem. Help?
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