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Intro- ovarian cysts post hystectomy

I am just home from my doctors and joined this community, as I need someone to talk to!
Some background : I am 27, and had a laproscpic partial hysterectomy just over a year ago. My uterus was removed, and my ovaries and cervix were left in place.
Lately I have been having pain during intercourse and masturbation as well as when bending over or laying on my stomach. I have also had several instances of difficulty going to the bathroom. I thought it was perhaps scar tissue from the surgery. I went to my surgeon to talk about it, and had a pap done, as well as bloodwork and an ultrasound. He said there are cysts on my ovaries and that is what is causing the pain. He said the normal easiest treatment for cases like mine would be to go on birth control pills, but I cannot take them, and having my ovaries removed at my age would open a whole other can of worms. He didn't mention if just removing the cysts themselves was an option or not. I got back in a few weeks after more bloodwork.
I googled cystic ovaries and saw that the list of side effects/symptoms include several other things that I have, that I thought was unrelated, such as headaches, weight gain, facial hair and changes in urination.
So basically I have a few weeks to do some research before I see my doctor before, and am supposed to be thinking about how bad the pain is, if I want to live with it , or risk making things potentially worse with treatment.
Any advice? Anyone else have cysts on their ovaries after a partial hysterectomy?
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