PaperDollyBurnd (paperdollyburnd) wrote in vaginapagina,

More opinions needed!

For those who missed it or don't remember, I had one of the recent Cervical Dysplasia posts. I am no longer stressing out about the possibility of HPV and neither is my partner. However, I do want to get more information about the condition and keep an eye on it.

The gynecologist wanted me to schedule a Colposcopy for as soon as I was off my period. I scheduled the appointment and she decided not to show up that day, so I was told to reschedule it after my next period. I am not particularly fond of this gynecologist. Her receptionists were pretty unprofessional, talking about other patients in the hallway outside of my door where I could hear them. She, herself, had some outdated and biased information. Her entire office set up and protocols were pretty awkward, which I would explain but it sounds pretty nit-picky. In short, I really do not look forward to going back to seeing this woman. The WONDERFUL OB that I had (when I lived in another state) did not make me feel this way at all. So, I know its not just being a gyno-phobe. This lady is just not a good match for me.

WWVPD? My initial thought was to get the colposcopy over with before I go looking for another gyno. In part because she already knows about the findings on the initial exam and also due to insurance. However, I've already waited a month for this appointment. Don't some women wait three months and go back for a regular pap to see if there is any evidence of dysplasia before moving towards something more invasive? Would it be okay to look for another gyno to do a follow-up pap? Or is it better to just do the colposcopy?
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