tellthetabl0ids (tellthetabl0ids) wrote in vaginapagina,

Missing PMS symptoms...

 Hey everyone. For those of you who have read my posts you know I'm very paranoid about everything, so I'm sorry if this question seems silly.

My cycle is usually 31 days long. For the past couple months, it's been exactly 31, but sometimes it can be 30 or 32. Very rarely is it ever 28. Today is day 31 of my cycle, no period yet, but I just woke up so I'm not too concerned... except that I haven't had ANY PMS symptoms. Without fail, I'm always moody, I get a zit or 2, I get bloated (I have gained about a pound but I think that's just from eating :( ), and a few days before my period, I get a slight backache/period-like cramp- I can just "feel" that it's coming. I haven't experienced any of these, which is very abnormal for me. I haven't been any more stressed out than normal so I don't think that's a factor. I just took a bunch of vitamin C which usually does the trick, so we'll see.

I had unprotected sex twice this month (to spare you the details, he's only inside me without a condom for less than a minute and he always pulls out waaay before he even gets close to ejaculating), and like I said, I'm paranoid and I'm afraid this lack of symptoms could actually be a pregnancy symptom. Is there any validity to that theory or am i just crazy? I know there's always a risk of pregnancy, but we are relatively safe and we try to time it according to when I'm ovulating.

Your thoughts are appreciated :) tia!

ETA: thanks for all the input. After taking a shitload of vitamin c... still no period. However, I've done some research, and after realizing how much soy milk I've been drinking lately (at least 2 servings a day), I wouldn't be surprised if the estrogen levels messed me up a it. I hope that's all it is!
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