Kendra (yellownovella) wrote in vaginapagina,

Bladder and Vaginal Woes

Hello ladies! I need your help with something.

First of all, when I need to urinate, I get aroused (not the other way around, mind you). I'm fairly sure that this is because the weight of a full bladder presses against my g-spot. Because of this, it's extremely gratifying for me to press on my bladder during masterbation.
Also, I am a virgin, but I masturbate a lot - probably 3 times a day, if I have time. I don't have any toys, and while I will use my fingers a little, the stimulation is nearly exclusivly clitoral.

Recently, I've been getting what I think are yeast infections - slight itch, slight burning sensation when I pee, and especially the feeling that I badly need to urinate almost constantly, even when nothing comes out.

Could these yeast infections/bladder problems simply be coming from my hands not being 100% clean during masterbation? Or could it be from pressing on my bladder when it is already fairly full?
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