Fluidmotion_ (fluidmotion_) wrote in vaginapagina,

Why is my body still being so weird???

ARRRGHHh. So about a week ago, I made this post, saying that my body was being dumb.

Here is the point form:
- "Missed" first pill of the pack (took it 12 hours later exactly)
- Immediate post period cramps, non-stop for two weeks. Slowly petering out, but still there. Mostly lower down, and generally pretty dull.
- Back pain.
- Off and on kidney pain that at one point was so bad I had to leave work. Usually mild pangs, but occasionally a consistent "tightness" feeling that is extremely uncomfortable.
- Pains in my front area, kind of between my hip bone and belly button (but lower down, closer to the pant line area)?

Like, what is going on??? I have been to the doctor several times now. The first time I was told that there was blood in the urine but no sign of infection. She sent me to get blood tests, and gave me an Rx for Cipro to take should I think a kidney infection was coming on (I've had one before). Blood tests came back with nothing.

Took the anti-biotics, finished them, had such awful kidney pains that I went home from work and straight to the doc. Poked and prodded, checked my pee again, told me there was definitely no infection and referred me for an ultrasound.

Now it seems I have a yeast infection. Itchiness, discharge, but no real smell?

THIS SUCKS. Is it possible I am having, like, multiple ailments all at once? I'll be getting the ultrasound on Monday, and hopefully that will answer some questions for me.

Also - can I call up any Women's clinic (that normally does paps) and get checked out? Maybe this sounds dumb, but do they just do paps? I'm starting to feel like it might be a good idea to see a gyno...
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