karmalovee (karmalovee) wrote in vaginapagina,

Looking for some advice =]

Hello everyone,

I recently lost my virginity (two weeks ago). After the sex I noticed that things just felt "wetter" than normal down there. So I got up and went to the bathroom and I had bled EVERYWHERE. It was horrible. Now nothing hurt me at all. I don't think it could have been my hymen breaking because things have been up there before and I've used tampons in the past. Also, there was way to much blood for it to be that if it was. I was even still bleeding for a bit afterward, so much so that I had to put on a pantyliner.

What could this be from? I don't have regular periods and I thought it might be from that but I'm not sure. I'm just curious to see if other people have had this experience before. It freaked me out quite a bit because I definitely was not expecting that. I'm just worried it will happen again the next time. I have a gyno appointment scheduled but I wanted to ask here to see if anyone else has had this happen.

Thanks for any advice =]
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