fleurlur (fleurlur) wrote in vaginapagina,

Weird bumpy?

So this is a little awkward for me to talk about but I'm worried so here it goes. In the past few months I've noticed that around my vaginal opening it seems..bumpy. It looks and feels like normal vaginal entrance flesh but it's formed fleshy bumps, almost looks like mountain ranges haha! They're not sore, itchy or bleeding. I was worried about genital warts but they don't really look like any of the pictures I've googled and my one and only sexual partner has never displayed any wart symptoms himself. I'm just worried about if they're normal or not? Help please? I have no idea how long they've been there, I asked my boyfriend and he says they've been there as long as he can remember but who knows??

EDIT: It's not the "chicken skin" it's like the edges of my vaginal entrance are "frilly" for lack of better description. I can't really take a picture to show you, too awkward haha
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