Megan (traintomilan) wrote in vaginapagina,

Odd Situation

Last weekend I was expecting my period but since it didn't come, I had sex on Saturday and Sunday but my boyfriend decided to use the withdrawal method instead of wearing a condom. I'm sure he did it correctly. But I made a mistake of not being aggressive enough about me wanting him to wear a condom:(.

I've been waiting to get my period this past week, but it didn't come yet. Instead I've been getting this very light brown discharge since Monday up until now. My breasts tend to feel fuller before my period and when I'm on it and that is how they've been feeling for the past week.

This isn't the first time my period has been late. Lately I've been stressing out due to family problems.

I want to take a pregnancy test but I'm wondering how accurate would the results be if I took one in the next 2 days??

EDIT: I got my period 20 minutes after I posted this lol.
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